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Belfast Tech: Artisans & Dreamers

Belfast College of Technology.

Belfast College of Technology, opened its door to students in September 1906. The College was the centerpiece of the development of further education in Belfast. Purpose built, it acted as a showpiece on a par with Be...

Gallows & other tales of suspicion and obsession

Playwright and novelist John Arden.

A short documentary film about renowned playwirght and novelist, John Arden on aspects of his work and thought. The documentary, produced by his son Finn Arden, accompanies the publication of a collection of short sto...

Mary Duffy: Unarmed & Dangerous

Artist extraordinaire Mary Duffy.

Artist extraordinaire Mary Duffy explores aspects of her work, lifestyle, philosophy and examines the hurdles and political difficulties she has faced throughout her career as an individual affected by the misuse of T...

Rod Stoneman

David Hyndman talks to Rod Stoneman the former Deputy Editor of Independent Film & Video at Channel 4 and former CEO of the Irish Film Board, about his childhood in Devon, his participation in grassroots avant-gar...

Ariel Killick – Ard-Siamsaíochta

Ariel is one of a tiny number of fluent Irish-speaking Stilt Performers, possibly the only known Scots-Gaelic speaking professional Stilt Performer in existence. She is in demand to entertain bilingually, providing a ...

David Hughes

David Hughes is a writer/ artist. In 2007, he was given an award from Arts & Disability Awards Ireland to experiment with work which would combine text, photography, painting, assemblage, print, video, sound and m...

Assembly in the Marketplace

Art exhibition held in the Cultúrlann showcasing the work of Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin, a Dublin Artist whose subjects include international issues, everyday scenes and the political history of Ireland, stretching back ...

Journeys & Destinations

Documentary exploring the lived experience of mothers and daughters in three minority ethnic communities and how families interact between the generations in a multicultural society. Thirty six women from the Chine...


A short film made during the SENSORAMA project with Open Arts Community Choir.

perspective (SENSORAMA)

Short film made during the building of the SENSORAMA installation with Open Arts

ascend (SENSORAMA)

Short film made during the SENSORAMA project with Open Arts.

The Way I See It: Father Des Wilson

The Way I See It: Father Des Wilson in conversation with Bernadette McAliskey West Belfast community activist Father Des Wilson sits down with veteran civil rights campaigner Bernadette McAliskey as part of the lau...