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Kate O Hanlon

Nursing at the RVH

The eldest of five children, Kate O Hanlon was born in the Markets area of Belfast in 1930. Her father worked in the Market, “That was a fruit market, where the Waterfront is today, that was all fish markets and the b...

Shankill War Memories

Residents of the Shankill area of Belfast talk to Mary Ann Quigley  about their memories of serving in the army at home and abroad. Robert Hoy talks to us about his experiences in serving in the Royal Engineers in Nor...

Northern Ireland War Memorial

A history of NI during WW2.

"The authorities in Belfast were disgracefully complacent about the possibility of air raids in Belfast... they argued that Belfast was the furthest place from Germany.. the bombers will not get here... well they were...

May Blood

Talking with Baroness Blood

May was born during World War Two and grew up in Roden Street, a mixed area of Belfast with her mother and sister. He family was separated due to the evacuations during the war. “For the first six years of my life I t...

Albert Haslett

The Shankill during WW2

As a child, Albert grew up with his parents and 9 brothers and sisters in the Hammer, a poor neighbourhood of Belfast. The area was characterised by poor housing conditions. “The houses were just two up and two dow...

The Shankill Blitz Memorial

Remembers the Belfast Blitz.

The Shankill remembers the victims of the Belfast Blitz which took place on the 15th-16th April 1941. Sam Coulter and Bobby Foster decided to erect a permanent memorial to the victims, with support  from the local com...

A Century Later: Albert Haslett

A boy on the Shankill Road experiences the horrors of the Belfast Blitz, a night that would live in his memories forever. “As I grew up and grew older I thought it would eventually go out of my mind, but it w...

A Century Later: John Lennon

A dangerous job as an armourer in World War Two living on an airbase with constant air raids and the sound of bombs raining down. “We put guns and rockets into the aircraft and sent them on their way”