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(Another) Beat Lantern Parade

Will the Beat Initiative be able to bring a large number of people in the community together to perform artistically on a cold winter's evening on the streets of Belfast? Northern Visions went along to the Beat Ini...

(The First) East Belfast Lantern Parade

On 5th December 2003 the BEAT Initiative created the First East Belfast "Making Light" Lantern Parade. It was the result of months of various arts workshops carried out in various community centres and with differe...

1981 Loyalist Recollections

Former prisons offer their views.

Former Loyalist prisoners David Ervine, Billy McQuiston, and Sam Courtney offer their views on the prison protests of 1976-1981 which led to the deaths of 10 men on hunger strike.

A Century Later: Albert Haslett

A boy on the Shankill Road experiences the horrors of the Belfast Blitz, a night that would live in his memories forever. “As I grew up and grew older I thought it would eventually go out of my mind, but it w...

A Century Later: Alfie McCrory

Searching for survivors amongst the rubble of one of the worst atrocities of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. “I think people from both sides were sickened at innocent people being killed, people got to the stage ...

A Century Later: Betty Carlisle

From the Shankill to Buckingham Palace, how a woman overcame tragedies in her life and helped create jobs and a vital community centre for the women of the Shankill Road. “It was interesting to me that people from ...

A Century Later: Bobby Foster

A funeral procession makes its way through a warzone. “We went from pillar to post right through that entire epicenter of the damage that was happening”

A Century Later: Ciaran MacAirt

Proving innocence for the victims of a bomb that ripped through the heart of a North Belfast community, killing men, women and children. “As soon as that bomb went off our campaign for truth started, so for two gen...

A Century Later: Clara Reilly

How the tragic death of a child from a plastic bullet outside her front door in Turf Lodge during the height of the Troubles was the beginning of a campaign to put a stop to further bloodshed. “Plastic Bullets were...

A Century Later: Ethnic Minorities in Northern Ireland – Identities and Shared Histories

The history and impact of British colonialism across the globe and its part in shaping the multicultural society that Northern Ireland is today.

A Century Later: Gordon Mackie

Northern Irish businessman does business with Marxist revolutionary leader in Cuba. “He was interested in the fact that here was an Irishman who spoke Spanish better than he could, which rather fascinated him...

A Century Later: Ian Ross

A man fighting the Japanese in World War Two loses contact with home. “I slowly lost touch with all my family, I was away for six and a half years”