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Our Wedding Video

Community theatre in Belfast.

Set on either side of the peace line at Short Strand/East Belfast, this “fly on the wall” documentary, gives a unique insight into community theatre in Belfast. From inception to final performance, the film charts ...

D’imigh Sin agus Tháinig Seo

Celebrating Séamus Mac Seáin.

"Tá an leabhar seo fada ag teacht, agus is maith ann é mar bhí baint ag Séamus Mac Seáin le gach fiontar Gaeilge i mBéal Feirste ag dul siar daichead agus níos mó blianta." Labhraímid le cairde, comrádaithe a...

The Arts Revisited: Community Arts in Northern Ireland

The growth of community arts.

This film documents the phenomenal growth of community arts, a movement, which continues to be a real success story for Belfast. The film captures the enthusiasm of the thousands of people who take part and demonstrat...

World Community Arts Day with Andrew Crummy

Heather Floyd interviews.

Heather Floyd from Community Arts Forum chats to Andrew Crummy on a visit to Belfast to explain and promote World Community Arts Day which is celebrated each 17th February. "All we ask of you on that day is t...

Conway Mill: The Realisation of a Dream

Regeneration in West Belfast.

After many years of overcoming hurdles and struggling to raise funds, the £5m Conway Mill restoration was finally launched at a gala gathering. The Mill is aimed at promoting social/economic regeneration, job creat...

Paint for Peace

Two local muralists.

Danny Devenny and Mark Ervine are two muralists from opposite sides of the political divide. Together, they are crossing the sectarian boundaries of Northern Ireland, bringing with them a positive outlook, for the ...

The Long Haul & The Kazoo Orchestra: Black Mountain Rescue in Belfast

A local environmental protest.

On Saturday October 21st, 1995, activists from "Black Mountain Rescue" turned up at the premises of White Mountain Quarries protesting at the destruction and erosion of the Black Mountain. On their way to the quarr...

Augusto Boal Interview (Transcript)

Tom Magill interviews.

Tom Magill interviews Augusto Boal Tom Here we are in the Europa. It's about 11.30 am on Sunday 25 October and I'm talking to Augusto Boal about his work. Augusto in your latest book Legislative Theatre you use...

Journeys & Destinations

Documentary exploring the lived experience of mothers and daughters in three minority ethnic communities and how families interact between the generations in a multicultural society. Thirty six women from the Chine...

perspective (SENSORAMA)

Short film made during the building of the SENSORAMA installation with Open Arts

ascend (SENSORAMA)

Short film made during the SENSORAMA project with Open Arts.

The Way I See It: Father Des Wilson

The Way I See It: Father Des Wilson in conversation with Bernadette McAliskey West Belfast community activist Father Des Wilson sits down with veteran civil rights campaigner Bernadette McAliskey as part of the lau...

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