On Saturday October 21st, 1995, activists from “Black Mountain Rescue” turned up at the premises of White Mountain Quarries protesting at the destruction and erosion of the Black Mountain.

On their way to the quarry ‘Mr Exploitation’, aided by his pet monster ‘Devour’, threw dust pollution (only white flour folks!) as a warning of what the quarry brings to local communities. Then marching into the city centre, rocks from the quarry were presented to the Department of the Environment (DOE). At the first DOE office, the door was pelted with rocks (only polystyrene folks). At the second DOE office real rocks were piled up outside.

The RUC, unable to cope with an “autonomous collective” operating outside Parade Commission guidelines, kindly escorted the demonstrators through the city centre, sadly causing temporary disruption to our consumer culture. Finally the protestors unlease their latest weapon: the Kazoo as they harass government officials with their dreadful singing.

In memory of Paddy Murphy.