The Arts Council Conference.

The Grand Opera House was the venue for the Arts Council Conference, which focused on the issues surrounding conflict and the place of art in resolving conflict.

The programme shows a tour of the South African Constitutional Court with Justice Albie Sachs, showing how the court has been designed as a welcoming place for all South Africans and a memorial to people who died. Sean Hillen, who designed the Omagh bomb memorial, discusses memorialising the Troubles and also talks about some of his artwork, from the 1980s, such as his ‘Londonewry’ series. Zoë Lippett from the Wolverhampton Art Gallery gives an overview of their collection of artwork on The Troubles, and discusses why Northern Ireland doesn’t have a similar exhibition. Glenn Patterson talks to poet Michael Longley about the poems he has written on The Troubles and the stories behind them.

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