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Alternative drop-in centre in Belfast

Imagine a place of freedom and expression for young people, a place to eat at a reasonable price, a place to create art and play music. An alternative space for anyone who didn’t find the mainstream appealing. Welc...

Jonny Tiernan

A life in music

Jonny remembers his time spent at school as a turbulent experience. He was taken out of one school as he felt he was being victimised and at 16 Jonny left school and enrolled in a course called Quest. It meant he coul...

Tura Arutura

Talking with the founder of Artfrique

Tura grew up in Chitungwiza in Zimbabwe during the pre-war period. He recalls it as being a “very colourful beautiful country. Very warm, very hot, it also reflects the nature of the people as well. They wear their he...

Darren Ferguson

Aid worker and music fan

Darren grew up in Glengormley. He recalls a time when bomb scares were common. “Me and my brother were fascinated when they brought out the robots to defuse these bombs. I have very clear memories of the police com...

Joseph Ricketts

To Belfast from Jamaica

Born and raised in Jamaica, Joseph’s father was a contractor who believed his sons should be responsible for their own land and be able to manage work on a farm. When they came of age, Joseph and his three brothers ha...

Duke Special – 5 nights at the Belfast Empire

Highlights from 2007’s Empire shows.

Featuring highlights from 2007’s extraordinary 5 nights at the Empire in Belfast. Northern Visions' cameras were given unlimited access to the gigs and the film includes a mix of live songs, backstage footage, intervi...

The Harp Bar Reunion

Stalwarts back for one night only.

Groups that once played the legendary Belfast punk venue, the Harp Bar are reunited for one night only. Bands include The Outcasts, Protex, Henry Cluney (ex-Stiff Little Fingers), Brian Young (ex-Rudi), Shock Treatmen...

It Makes You Want To Spit: Punk in Ulster

A definitive history of punk in N.I.

Recorded at the book launch of 'IT MAKES YOU WANT TO SPIT' in the Empire, Belfast, authors Sean O'Neill and Guy Trelford tell of their labour of love in compiling this definitive history of punk in Northern Irelan...

The A Centre or the Lost Tribe of Long Lane

A magnet for young punks.

November 1981: the A Centre was established as an alternative cultural space in Belfast city centre and ran on Saturday afternoons. Organised by the Belfast Anarchist Collective, the centre soon became a magnet for yo...

The Miami (Clap Your Hands, Stomp Your Feet)

The Miami Massacre, 1975.

Some 30 years ago no showband made the headlines in the way the Miami Showband did. The documentary is based around the chilling event that took place at 2.30am, 31st July 1975, (The Miami Massacre) and contains a ...

Getting to Know You: Don Letts

"I'm as old as rock and roll"

Born and raised in London (1956), first generation Black British, Don Letts. "I'm as old as rock and roll" says the Grammy award winning film director, musician, writer and DJ. His film "The Punk Rock Movie" ...

Getting to Know You: K’Naan

"The Dusty Foot Philosopher"

K'Naan the artist popularly known as "The Dusty Foot Philosopher". K'naan was born Keinan Abdi Warsame in 1978. He is a Somali Canadian poet, rapper, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. He rose to prominence w...

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