Some 30 years ago no showband made the headlines in the way the Miami Showband did.

The documentary is based around the chilling event that took place at 2.30am, 31st July 1975, (The Miami Massacre) and contains a ‘never before seen’ insight into the tragedy with vintage footage and original photos of that evening.

The Miami Showband Massacre was an attack by the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). It took place at Buskhill in County Down. Five people were killed, including three members of The Miami Showband, who were then one of Ireland’s most popular bands. They had been travelling home after a performance in Banbridge, County Down.

Filming over a course of several months, the film documents the travels and day-to-day stories of the Miami showband as they tour Ireland. Surviving members of the band go back to the scene and walk one last time around a location that nearly ended their lives.

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