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A Century Later: Sean McKernan

Over thirty years of photography from a man determined to keep the history of the city he loves alive. “I’ve been a photographer for most of my life, I always pick up a camera, I feel naked if I go out without a ca...

A Century Later: Bobby Foster

A funeral procession makes its way through a warzone. “We went from pillar to post right through that entire epicenter of the damage that was happening”

A Century Later: The Working Class – Containing the Past

Class, gender and sectarianism in a society of divided loyalties and years of violence and political conflict. How to remember the past and how can we all strive for a shared future?

A Century Later: Alfie McCrory

Searching for survivors amongst the rubble of one of the worst atrocities of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. “I think people from both sides were sickened at innocent people being killed, people got to the stage ...

Suitcase Stories

Arts project by ArtsEkta which invited members of the local Indian community to tell their story in the form of unique suitcases, which they designed though a series of workshops. "The climate was different, the fo...

Shared Lives in Ballyclare

As part of a cross community initiative, older people from Ballyclare came together at the Town Hall to reminisce about their lives and times gone by and comment on how the world has changed around them. Stories ar...

Chinese New Year 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 is a colourful display of music, song and dance featuring acts from the Qinghai province of China. Produced with the generous support of the Mandarin Speakers Association

Getting to Know You: Natty Wailer

In a very special edition of this programme series, Julius interviews Rasta Natty Wailer, Reggae Ambassador to Northern Ireland, Ireland and the whole wide world. Member of the Legendary Bob Marley and the Wai...

Belfast Integration & Participation Project

The Crescent Arts Centre was the venue for a celebration of the Belfast Integration and Participation Project (BIPP). The project - the product of a collaboration between GEMS, the Law Centre, South Belfast...

A Century Later: Victims & Survivors in Northern Ireland – A Living History

How do we remember and how should Northern Ireland remember its recent past.? With an estimated 40,000-50,000 people injured during the Troubles and 3,700 killed, Northern Irish society still cannot find consensus ...

A Century Later: Ethnic Minorities in Northern Ireland – Identities and Shared Histories

The history and impact of British colonialism across the globe and its part in shaping the multicultural society that Northern Ireland is today.

(The First) East Belfast Lantern Parade

On 5th December 2003 the BEAT Initiative created the First East Belfast "Making Light" Lantern Parade. It was the result of months of various arts workshops carried out in various community centres and with differe...