In a very special edition of this programme series, Julius interviews Rasta Natty Wailer, Reggae Ambassador to Northern Ireland, Ireland and the whole wide world. Member of the Legendary Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Natty talks about his life in Belfast and back home in Jamaica, how he Met Bob Marley and became member of the band in 1972 and about his experiences touring with Bob Marley. He also talks about the political situation in Jamaica, during the era of Prime Minister Michael Manley, a time when there was a great political dispute especially from the opposition led by Edward Seega.

Natty tells what the Rastafarian movement is all about and what it means to be a Rasta and narrates the incidence that led to Bob Marley being shot in 1987, prior to the One Love Peace Concert which took place in Kingston, Jamaica.

A songwriter, philosopher, instrumentalist and singer, Natty Wailer continues to keep the dream alive through his Reggae Music. He performs and tours with his band, which he formed in 2000, in New York City, USA called “Natty Wailer and the Reggae Blues Vibes”. They have written and produced many songs, including “Lifted” album, which is a reflection of his purpose.

Natty performs songs written by him as well as those by Bob Marley.

Produced and Presented by Julius E Anakaa

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