An historical document filmed at the Women’s Health Fair held in Belfast in 1985. The camera rolls informally around the Fair and talks to women on the stalls about their work and to the women who attended the workshops and stalls.

BALLYBEEN WOMEN’S DROP IN CENTRE – how they set up their centre and the problems they face on their housing estate on the outskirts of Belfast.

RAPE CRISIS CENTRE – Incest and Rape and the related problems of alcoholism, drugs, anorexia nervosa and suicide.

REFLEXOLOGY – an explanation of this type of treatment and its benefits.

PREGNANCY & CHILDBIRTH – the work of the Belfast Association for Improvement in Maternity Services, the Royal College of Midwives, infant mortality, congenital handicaps, ante natal care.

NORTHERN IRELAND ABORTION CAMPAIGN – the journey to England, extending the Abortion Act, effects on services for women, particularly screening tests for spina bifida.

NATIONAL UNION OF PUBLIC EMPLOYEES – their work, breast and cancer screening, rubella, new technologies and the Home Help Service.

WOMEN’S ENERGY BASE BELFAST – trying to set up an all women social and support centre.

WOMEN’S AID – their work with women who have been physically and mentally abused.

MENTAL HEALTH – stress, anxiety, depression, diagnosis of mental health by G.P’s, anorexia nervosa, coming off tranquilizers and support groups for women.

LESBIAN LINE – their telephone service for befriending and information and the doctor’s conditioning when faced with women who are not heterosexual.

Plus: Benefit Claims, Take Up Campaigns, Advice Centres, what women who attended thought of the workshops on offer and overall comments on this unique occasion.

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