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A Century Later: Ronnie Appleton

Reflections on a dying community which gave much to the development of Belfast. “I think the Belfast Jewish community has made a contribution to Northern Ireland much in excess to its numbers”

A Century Later: John Lennon

A dangerous job as an armourer in World War Two living on an airbase with constant air raids and the sound of bombs raining down. “We put guns and rockets into the aircraft and sent them on their way”

A Century Later: Ian Ross

A man fighting the Japanese in World War Two loses contact with home. “I slowly lost touch with all my family, I was away for six and a half years” 

My Life at Sea: Captain John Robson

“It was quite a relief! War was over and I survived it!” John Robson John Robson sat down with Pete Bleakly and generously shared his story about his dynamic and extensive life, which was spent living across the Ea...