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My Secret Garden

Artist Liam Breandán de Frinse.

A portrait of the artist, Liam Breandán de Frinse. Liam Breandán de Frinse is one of Ireland's most accomplished multimedia artists, distinguished principally as a painter, but also well-known as an installation ar...

East Belfast: Past, Present and Future – Part One

The industrial past of E. Belfast. Pt.1.

First in a trilogy which examines the historic industrial past of east Belfast. Historian, Charles Ludlow discusses the beginnings of the area, former shipyard workers, Inglis Biscuit and Ropeworks employees, discu...

Belfast Tech: Artisans & Dreamers

Belfast College of Technology.

Belfast College of Technology, opened its door to students in September 1906. The College was the centerpiece of the development of further education in Belfast. Purpose built, it acted as a showpiece on a par with Be...


Remembering Sailortown.

Belfast environmentalist and R&B singer Del Halligan is passionate about the dockland area of Sailortown, currently being redeveloped to the point of extinction. In this poignant exclusive, Halligan mourn...

The Fallen Arches

The Newtownards Road.

The Newtownards Road has been well-known in the past, for such icons as Inglis's Bakery, the Sirocco Works and Irvine's shoe shop. Norman Kennedy and Jim Patton, of the East Belfast Historical Society, recall the s...

A Century Later: Ronnie Appleton

Reflections on a dying community which gave much to the development of Belfast. “I think the Belfast Jewish community has made a contribution to Northern Ireland much in excess to its numbers”