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Interfaces 4

The interfaces of Belfast. Pt. 4.

Part four in a four part series on Interfaces in Belfast. This final episode examines the issues of investment and regeneration in Interface areas. With the Assembly established, politicians and community worker...

Interfaces 3

The interfaces of Belfast. Pt. 3.

Part three of a four part series looking at Interfaces in Belfast. This episode examines the role of ex-combatants in helping to build and maintain peace, particularly at interfaces. Interaction Belfast, Inner E...

Waves from Rathlin

Remembering Glanville and Marconi.

Over 100 years ago, Guglielmo Marconi demonstrated successfully the sending of signals over a distance without wire, hence the term 'wireless.' Before this time, ships had made themselves known to shore stations by...

The Insider – Yes, Minister

An Insider story about housing issues in the Village including an interview with the then newly appointed Minister for Social Development, Margaret Ritchie. The housing campaign was conduced over several years from...

A Century Later: The Working Class – Containing the Past

Class, gender and sectarianism in a society of divided loyalties and years of violence and political conflict. How to remember the past and how can we all strive for a shared future?

College Green House

Built in 1870, it was a private house, complete with coach house and stables until 1930 when it was converted into flats and the outbuildings became commercial. Filming was completed as Hearth Revolving Fund restor...