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Joanna McMinn

Advancing women's education

Joanna moved to Dublin from Cornwall, at the age of 17, to enrol at the National University of Ireland. “It was 1967 at the beginning of all the riots and student protests in Paris, it was a very exciting time. When I...

Eileen Bell

Politics, community work and peace activism

Eileen has worked extensively in Northern Ireland politics, community work and peace activism. “I was brought up to believe that everybody was the same, that there were no differences…”    Born in Dromara at the en...

Roisin McGlone

Life as a Falls community worker

“The Troubles began at the time we moved up to Andersonstown from the Falls Road.  My lasting memory is the raids, whenever the army and police came. This would be before Ulsterisation. They closed off streets and sea...

Interfaces 1

The interfaces of Belfast. Pt. 1.

Part one in a four part series looking at the interfaces of Belfast. This first episode is made with people living in the shadows of the peace walls. Residents talk about their personal experiences and the is...

Helen Bell

Tales from the lower Shankill

Born in 1947 in Hopewell Street at the bottom of the Shankill Road, Helen remembers the late 1960s and the first time that real “trouble” started on the Shankill Road, with rioting and flares being shot into the air. ...

Shared Lives in Ballyclare

As part of a cross community initiative, older people from Ballyclare came together at the Town Hall to reminisce about their lives and times gone by and comment on how the world has changed around them. Stories ar...