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War Stories – Minesweeper

Memories of WW2 mine clearing.

Local veteran, Gerry Isherwood, served on various ocean-going minesweepers throughout the war and was part of a force that cleared mines off Omaha Beach prior to the Allied invasion of June 6th, 1944. Gerry also wi...

War Stories – The D Day Commando

Remembering D-Day.

Former Royal Marine Commando Tommy Fulton talks about his combat experiences in World War Two. As a Commando, Tommy was one of the first soldiers ashore on the Normandy beaches on D Day in June 1944, and his unit t...

War Stories – The Omaha Beach Submariner

Antrim man remembers D-Day.

The D-Day assault on Omaha Beach, which cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers, was dramatised in the film Saving Private Ryan. As part of Northern Visions' Remembrance strand, Antrim war veteran Ken Smit...