Were you aware that as an individual you have the right to participate in any decision-making processes that affect your development? Well, the people of the Lower Shankill are! Residents and community representatives have been learning about their human rights, thanks to the work by PPRP – The Participation and Practice of Rights Project.

Development worker, Stephanie Green, explains that most people believe Human Rights are “probably something used by lawyers or academics.. However, once they had the Human Rights Law in front of them.. it started to make Human Rights a lot more relevant.”

Human rights change local needs into ‘rights’ and not ‘needs’. As Stephanie explains; “If you go into negotiations and you’re pleading for some particular need, we need a new playground, we need a new community centre.. it can sound as if you are begging for something, whereas if you are actually using international legal standards.. you’re going there as what is called ‘a rights holder’.. the discussion has changed from you pleading for something.. to you asking for it as of right.”

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