The first video diary ever made in Ireland filmed by the artist, playwright and pirate radio broadcaster – Margaretta D’Arcy.

Margaretta lives and works experimentally with women in the west of Ireland. She founded Galway Women’s Entertainment as a forum for theoretical and practical work to develop radical participatory/celebratory form and in 1987 started Galway Women’s Pirate Radio. Her published works include a book of essays, Awkward Corners (1988) and Where is the Kingdom?, a book of radio plays (1988), both co-authored with her partner, John Arden.

Margaretta has been an activist since the 1950s when she became a member of the Committee of 100, a group of artists and writers who wanted to influence politics through their art. In 1969, together with her partner John Arden, she and her family travelled to India where they were briefly imprisoned in Assam for performing agitprop theatre. In 1970 they returned to Ireland and D’Arcy and Arden established a theatre and newspaper in Galway.

Their play The Non-Stop Connolly Show toured Ireland in 1975 and in 1976 they co-founded the Galway Theatre Workshop which produced several plays, including Pinprick of History.

In 1996, she complied Galway’s Pirate Women: A Global Trawl for Women’s Pirate Press. She has collaborated at length with John Arden, jointly producing more than 10 plays and a series of political and cultural essays.