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Bank Square Regeneration

Bank Square is bounded by St. Mary's Chapel built in 1784, Kelly’s Cellars, the oldest pub in Belfast and meeting place of the United Irishmen 1791, the award winning Mourne Seafood Bar and Berry Street Presbyterian C...

The Insider – Yes, Minister

An Insider story about housing issues in the Village including an interview with the then newly appointed Minister for Social Development, Margaret Ritchie. The housing campaign was conduced over several years from...

A Century Later: The Working Class – Containing the Past

Class, gender and sectarianism in a society of divided loyalties and years of violence and political conflict. How to remember the past and how can we all strive for a shared future?

Out of Bounds

Despite regeneration plans being released in 2005, the area of Parkside in Newington on the Limestone Road in North Belfast has continued to decline. Local residents talk about their frustration with conditio...

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