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A Century Later: John Campbell

A day on Belfast docks, a place filled with lively characters, back breaking work and casual violence, described in vivid detail by a docker turned author. “Although life was hard on the docks I wouldn’t have chang...

A Century Later: John Lennon

A dangerous job as an armourer in World War Two living on an airbase with constant air raids and the sound of bombs raining down. “We put guns and rockets into the aircraft and sent them on their way”

A Century Later: John MacVicar

The murders of three young soldiers in Belfast in 1971 would influence military legislation in other areas of conflict throughout the world. One community in Belfast was determined these three young men were never for...

A Century Later: Lee Lavis

A soldier in the British Army discovers his love for a country that is finding peace after decades of war. “I had a realization that the conflict was not just about me as a soldier or soldiers and soldiers as victi...

A Century Later: LGBT – A Hidden History

The story of the LGBT community in Northern Ireland over the last 100 years. So much of this history is hidden, often to be found in police records, hospital records and some diaries. It is also very much a living ...

A Century Later: Mary Ann Quigley

The last man hanged in Crumlin Road Gaol and the shockwaves that exist to this day. “Like throwing a pebble into a pool, the ripples spread and they spread and everyone is affected”

A Century Later: Roberta Gray

A woman’s fight against depression and how she got her life back through work in a women's centre. “I have progressed so far that now working in the women’s centre I have something to get up for in the mornin...

A Century Later: Robin Charley

A long journey by boat to a foreign land begins one man's experiences of a bloody war. “The freedom of the whole world might have been changed”

A Century Later: Ronnie Appleton

Reflections on a dying community which gave much to the development of Belfast. “I think the Belfast Jewish community has made a contribution to Northern Ireland much in excess to its numbers”

A Century Later: Sean McKernan

Over thirty years of photography from a man determined to keep the history of the city he loves alive. “I’ve been a photographer for most of my life, I always pick up a camera, I feel naked if I go out without a ca...

A Century Later: The Working Class – Containing the Past

Class, gender and sectarianism in a society of divided loyalties and years of violence and political conflict. How to remember the past and how can we all strive for a shared future?

A Century Later: Tina McCombe

Living a double life and the fight for acceptance and individuality during turbulent changes taking place in Belfast. “You can’t live two lives and I was living two lives, I had World War Three going on in my head".