General Collection highlights

A Century Later: LGBT – A Hidden History

The story of the LGBT community in Northern Ireland over the last 100 years. So much of this history is hidden, often to be found in police records, hospital records and some diaries. It is also very much a living ...

Noam Chomsky: Creating a New World Order (Part 3)

The political historian from 1993.

Everything you ever wanted to know about American Foreign Policy...but were too terrorised to ask! Noam Chomsky is the outspoken critic of American foreign policy. In May 1993, Noam Chomsky was invited to Belfast t...

My Secret Garden

Artist Liam Breandán de Frinse.

A portrait of the artist, Liam Breandán de Frinse. Liam Breandán de Frinse is one of Ireland's most accomplished multimedia artists, distinguished principally as a painter, but also well-known as an installation ar...

Inside Studio 23

Mo McDevitt's Studio 23.

Situated in the former DeLorean factory premises, Studio 23, became one of Belfast's most important artists resources. Mo McDevitt, the Studio’s Manager, founded the studio starting from scratch. It housed photographe...

Heritage Collections highlights

Michael Paterson

A path to clinical psychology

Marie Breen-Smyth, Associate Dean International, University of Surrey talks to Dr Michael Patterson, Consultant Clinical Psychologist about the injuries he received while on patrol with the Royal Ulster Constabulary. ...

John McNally

1952 Olympics boxer from the Loney

John was born in the Pound Loney, West Belfast in 1932.  He remembers a close, friendly community: “The people were great, they all looked after each other, there were no locks on doors, people just walked in and out,...

HMS Caroline

A tour with Commander Martin Quinn.

A tour of the ship with Commander Martin Quinn and reflections on its history by those who served on her. HMS Caroline is a decommissioned C-class light cruiser of the Royal Navy.  Caroline was launched and commiss...

A Century Later: Robin Charley

A long journey by boat to a foreign land begins one man's experiences of a bloody war. “The freedom of the whole world might have been changed”