General Collections highlights

Ariel Killick – Ard-Siamsaíochta

Ariel is one of a tiny number of fluent Irish-speaking Stilt Performers, possibly the only known Scots-Gaelic speaking professional Stilt Performer in existence. She is in demand to entertain bilingually, providing a ...

Ulster Scots Festival 2007

Celebrations froms 2007.

The Ulster Scots celebrations of 2007 at various locations including Botanic Gardens and Woodvale Park, Northern Visions was there to cover the events, which ranged from music, games and historical re-enactments.

Interfaces 2

The interfaces of Belfast. Pt. 2.

Part two of a four part series looking at the Interfaces of Belfast. This episode examines how the conflict has impacted on the wave of youth violence at interfaces. Community leaders talk about the different...

Journeys & Destinations

Documentary exploring the lived experience of mothers and daughters in three minority ethnic communities and how families interact between the generations in a multicultural society. Thirty six women from the Chine...

Heritage Collections highlights

Peter Heathwood

Talks about rebuilding his life

Marie Breen-Smyth, the Associated Dean International at the University of Surrey, talks to Peter Heathwood. At home in Cliftonville in north Belfast, Peter was sitting with his wife and three young children after f...

Jonathan Bardon

Bernard Conlon interviews

Bernard Conlon talks to retired lecturer, historian and writer Jonathan Bardon. Jonathan Bardon was born in December 1941 in south Dublin into a middle class Protestant family. He recalls memories of austerity, ...

Noelle Ryan

A life in community education

Noelle spent six years working in a Liverpool convent before being released. “I know there were some of people who felt, maybe fearful of me in ways, I’ve a fairly strong personality. I suppose it wasn’t my permanent ...

HMS Caroline

A tour with Commander Martin Quinn.

A tour of the ship with Commander Martin Quinn and reflections on its history by those who served on her. HMS Caroline is a decommissioned C-class light cruiser of the Royal Navy.  Caroline was launched and commiss...