General Collections highlights

Jennifer McNern

Surviving a bomb blast

Marie Breen-Smyth, Associated Dean International at the University of Surrey talks to Jennifer McNern about her experiences of the violence of The Troubles. Jennifer was injured on March 4th, 1972, during a shoppin...

Mina Wardle

Talking to the community activist

Mina’s father was an engineer on RMS Queen Mary, her mother suffered from arthritis. Mina passed her 11+ and was awarded a place at Grammar School but at 15 years, her parents could no longer afford to keep her at the...

The Fallen Arches

The Newtownards Road.

The Newtownards Road has been well-known in the past, for such icons as Inglis's Bakery, the Sirocco Works and Irvine's shoe shop. Norman Kennedy and Jim Patton, of the East Belfast Historical Society, recall the s...

Stop An Phreas

The last months of La Nua.

This film is subtitled Ar feadh 25 bomaite chítear scéal Lá Nua ó a thosaigh sé i 1984 go dtí Nollaig 2008 nuair a cuireadh deireadh leis. Cluintear roinnt agalamh le Donall Mac Giolla Choill, Mairtin O Muilleoi...

Heritage Collections highlights

Nelson McCausland

Talking to the DUP MLA

Born in 1951 in north Belfast Nelson grew up on the Ballysillan Road. He remembers attending the Belfast Royal Academy. “I did find it somewhat strange, because most of the children going to the Academy were from a mo...

Betty Carlisle

Shankill Women’s Centre Manager

As the youngest of five children, Betty recalls fond memories of the Woodvale area of the Shankill in west Belfast as she was growing up. “It was a very community spirited area, I spent lots of time playing and felt a...

Hazel McCready

Marie Breen-Smyth, Associate Dean International, University of Surrey, talks to Hazel McCready, a former part time police officer who was injured whilst driving to work. Mother of one, Hazel McCready was a teacher ...

A Century Later: Robin Charley

A long journey by boat to a foreign land begins one man's experiences of a bloody war. “The freedom of the whole world might have been changed”