General Collection highlights

Chinese New Year 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 is a colourful display of music, song and dance featuring acts from the Qinghai province of China. Produced with the generous support of the Mandarin Speakers Association

Rod Stoneman

David Hyndman talks to Rod Stoneman the former Deputy Editor of Independent Film & Video at Channel 4 and former CEO of the Irish Film Board, about his childhood in Devon, his participation in grassroots avant-gar...

Tura Arutura

Talking with the founder of Artfrique

Tura grew up in Chitungwiza in Zimbabwe during the pre-war period. He recalls it as being a “very colourful beautiful country. Very warm, very hot, it also reflects the nature of the people as well. They wear their he...

Noam Chomsky: Creating a New World Order (Part 1)

The political historian from 1993.

Everything you ever wanted to know about American Foreign Policy...but were too terrorised to ask! Noam Chomsky is the outspoken critic of American foreign policy. In May 1993, Noam Chomsky was invited to Belfast t...

Heritage Collections highlights

John McNally

1952 Olympics boxer from the Loney

John was born in the Pound Loney, West Belfast in 1932.  He remembers a close, friendly community: “The people were great, they all looked after each other, there were no locks on doors, people just walked in and out,...

Lynda Walker

Chair of the Communist Party of Irl

Lynda Walker grew up in Sheffield, England and came from a working class background. “It was a fairly run down area, we lived in a couple of rooms in the back of a shop, but we moved onto one of the bigger estates ...

WRDA Lecture Series – Dr. Avila Kilmurray

Talking about Madge Davison

Dr Avila Kilmurray from the Community Foundation NI spoke about Madge Davison who was a civil rights organiser for the N.I. Civil Rights Association and barrister from north Belfast. Madge was born on 13 June 1949 ...

Ballymurphy – The People’s Co-ops

The story of Ballymurphy Enterprises

Like many cities in Britain, Belfast suffered industrial decline in the 1960s.  High unemployment rates were the norm for many of the housing estates in west Belfast. “Official statistics in Ballymurphy had 37% of ...