General Collection highlights

Duke Special – 5 nights at the Belfast Empire

Highlights from 2007’s Empire shows.

Featuring highlights from 2007’s extraordinary 5 nights at the Empire in Belfast. Northern Visions' cameras were given unlimited access to the gigs and the film includes a mix of live songs, backstage footage, intervi...

Bhí Mé Ann! Portráid de Eddie Keenan (1921-2009) I was there! A Portrait of Eddie Keenan (1921-2009)

Cuntas ar Eddie Keenan, fear clúiteach i measc pobal na Gaeilge. Insíonn sé scéalta faoina shaol agus na rudaí atá déanta aige. Portráid den phoblachtánach Eddie Keenan (Éamonn Ó Cianáin), fear clúiteach i measc phob...

Tar Anall

Conway Mill Drop In Centre

The 50+ Group was established several years ago by a group of Republican women in Tar Anall, a Drop In Centre for Republican prisoners and their families based in Conway Mill, west Belfast. “After the peace came, a...

A Century Later: Mary Ann Quigley

The last man hanged in Crumlin Road Gaol and the shockwaves that exist to this day. “Like throwing a pebble into a pool, the ripples spread and they spread and everyone is affected”

Heritage Collections highlights

Ballymurphy – The People’s Co-ops

The story of Ballymurphy Enterprises

Like many cities in Britain, Belfast suffered industrial decline in the 1960s.  High unemployment rates were the norm for many of the housing estates in west Belfast. “Official statistics in Ballymurphy had 37% of ...

Catherine Couvert

Just Books and Women's News

Originally from France, Catherine grew up on a small farm. She remembers her childhood as a happy one, though living conditions were sparse. “Until I was ten, we lived in a house with one kitchen and one bedroom, a...

Margaret McDevitt

Growing up on the Donegall Road

As a child Margaret lived on Ulrika Street now Ulrika Terrace on the Donegall Road with her older sister and brother. “There were no nurseries and you didn’t get to school until you were seven years old” Margar...

Northern Ireland War Memorial

A history of NI during WW2.

"The authorities in Belfast were disgracefully complacent about the possibility of air raids in Belfast... they argued that Belfast was the furthest place from Germany.. the bombers will not get here... well they were...